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Fern Plant

The core of our business is designing a plan for your neighborhood and maintaining that plan with quality, consistency, and both short and long-term cost-effectiveness.


We can offer you many options when it comes to beautiful landscapes that are affordable.


Ongoing Maintenance

Challenge/ Problem: HOAs are dependent on the look of the community to reinforce market value of individual properties. Shaggy and uneven maintenance care in high-visibility areas (entries, pool areas, etc.) have a high impact on perceived value, and on homeowner satisfaction with their Board and their Property Manager. 


Solution: Rainscape will move your Association into the new era of water savings and plant palettes for an enhanced look unavailable anywhere else in the industry. Beauty must be combined with water savings and ultimately an overall reduction in landscape costs. We’ll start with soil testing, analyzing historic water usage through direct access to your water bills, and an in depth inspection of your irrigation system. This is our standard method for a community like yours and we have found it to be successful in the improvement  of Homeowners Associations throughout the county. 


Cost: Depending on property size and amenities 


Results: A custom program with onsite reviews, project management and highly skilled workers that get the job done.

Getting to Reclaimed Water

Challenge/ Problem: Irrigation costs are a large part of the HOA budget. Cutting water use is one piece of the puzzle, but the cost of water, itself, continues to rise.


Solution: Reclaimed water reduces the cost of landscape irrigation compared to using potable water, which is generally priced higher to consumers.  Reclaimed water is a product offered by the City that is derived directly from potable water used in communities throughout the county. This water is processed to a point of complete safety, imposes no health risk, and has no odor. Reclaimed water has no restrictions on use and is less than 18% of the cost of potable water. There are available financial assistance programs administered by the State of California that can offset a substantial portion of the costs of conversion. 


Cost: The initial installation of “purple pipe” and connectors is a capital investment. 


Results: Their water bill dropped considerably. Rainscape has a track record of completing these projects and helping our clients reap the financial reward. We have Certified Reclaimed water managers available to interface with municipal authorities on behalf of our clients.  

Adopting a Native Flora Pallet

Challenge/ Problem: Water use is an increasingly important component of the HOA maintenance budget. As fiscally and socially responsible consumers, we must find ways to reduce excess irrigation. Most HOAs have started on this path but savings may be hard to come by. 


Solution: We use the San Diego Hybrid Palette - a specially selected set of species that is based on San Diego endemics. These plants have been hybridized for reliability, beauty and landscape cultivation. The genetic heritage is tied to our local soils, and the plants are adapted to our cycles of rain - about eleven inches mostly between November and May. These plants can be used to generate a beautiful garden look without the need to overwater, and they will attract the sorts of birds and butterflies that make living outdoors here in San Diego a delight.


How You Save Water: The San Diego Hybrid Palette is uniquely adapted to our dry, warm summers and cool, rainy winters. These plants thrive on a lower water budget and the local soil conditions. By working with these elements in a beautiful environment, your association has the potential to significantly reduce water use. The first year is crucial to establish these plants. The plant starts off slowly, as it builds its root system. So, for the first year, irrigation is required. By the time these plantings reach their second winter, then the savings will show up. 

Cost: This is project-dependent. We will make onsite surveys and custom plans for your HOA to determine costs as well as potential water savings. 


Results: Improved water usage, aesthetic appeal, good stewardship.

Special or One-Time Projects

We take on many types of special projects, including hardscape, irrigation, arborist consultations, replantings and designing water saving strategies, etc.


Let us know what you want to accomplish and we partner with you to bring that idea to life. We will meet with your team onsite to develop the project.

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